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Colour Coded System

Colour Coded System

Done & Dusted’s colour-coded cleaning is a simple and effective hygiene approach to cleaning professionally. In colour-coded cleaning, every work area has its colour-coded cleaning equipment which isn’t supposed to be used in other areas of a home or facility. 

Colour-coded cleaning aims to avoid cross-contamination between different areas of domestic, commercial and medical facilities.

Done & Dusted’s professional cleaning technicians are trained to follow a unique cleaning system designed to consistently give excellent results over a long period. We have carried out extensive studies to find the most effective way of cleaning a home. It is how we came up with our Colour Coded System.

Each home is divided into different coloured zones, Red and Blue for Bathrooms and WCs, Green for Kitchens and Utilities and Yellow for Living rooms, Hallways, living rooms and Bedrooms. Each zone has several steps to be followed, along with using that zone’s corresponding products and coloured cloths to ensure hygiene, efficiency and consistency.  

The Colour coded System is a step-by-step system with professionalism at its core and designed to achieve excellent standards. All our cleaners follow our Colour Coded System, so you can use our fully trained professionals to undertake a top-to-bottom Deep clean, Spring Clean, One-off Clean, Tenancy Clean, After Build Clean or regular cleans. 

We are giving you confidence that every area of your home will be cleaned adequately by our team. Our staff take pride in their work and treat our clients’ homes with the same care as if they were cleaning the Royal Palaces – and all it takes is for you to book us to get your home looking immaculate.

All Cleaning technicians will use the exact Colour Coded System to split your home into areas; plus, when you ask for a deep clean, spring or tenancy clean, we add the following:

  • Dust high and low
  • Clean inside windows
  • Clean ledges and

glossed areas

  • Clean outside of

cabinets, cupboards,

wardrobes and storage

areas, wipe handles and


  • Wash all tiles, floor to

ceiling, in bathrooms and


  • Vacuum floors and

mop hard floor


Bath, Shower rooms & WC

Red cloths are used to clean the toilet, and around the immediate area, and blue cloths are for the remainder of the bathroom.

· Dust for Cobwebs

· Dust off all surfaces

· Clean Bin & Empty all rubbish

· Tidy-up

· Clean mirrors

· Wipe down gloss and paintwork

· Remove hairs from the plughole

· Add toilet cleaner

· Clean shower

· Scrub bath

· Clean sink

· Scrub & clean toilet & bowl

· Vacuum & Mop floor


Living room, Dining room, Bedrooms, Hallways and Landings

· Dust for Cobwebs

· Clean Bin & Empty all rubbish if full

· Change bed linen (optional)

· Wipe gloss and paintwork

· Dust all Fixtures and fittings

Vacuum upholstery

· Clean front door once a month

· Clean any brass or silver (extra time required)

· Dust off all surfaces

· Plump cushions, fold blankets

· Polish mirrors

· Switches & handles

· Clean furniture

· Vacuum & Mop floor

· Clean any brass or silver (extra time required)


Kitchen & Utility

· Dust for Cobwebs

· Clean Bin & Empty all rubbish of full

· Vacuum floor

· Inside Fridge on request

· Clean hob & extractor

· Switches and handles

· Backsplash area & worktops

· Clean furniture

· Vacuum & Mop floor

· Dust off all surfaces

· Wipe off work surfaces

· Wash or load dishes

· Inside Oven on request

· Microwave on request

· Dust Gloss and paintwork

· Cupboard fronts

· Kitchen equipment/toaster etc

· Clean & shine sink


Cleaning Products

We will supply all necessary cleaning products for clients' homes and commercial properties. This ensures that we use the correct products for the wide variety of surfaces (wood, slate, marble, tile, and other materials.) that your home may have. Our commercial-grade environmentally friendly products will help clean your homes professionally. You will need a broom, dustpan, brush set, and a good vacuum cleaner in working order. All our products will be green cleaning products; will be biodegradable and cruelty-free where possible.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not provide bleach, it doesn't have any cleaning qualities, it just bleaches what is there meaning cleaning will be required more often. It damages our waterways, and aquatic life and has serious health implications for our staff and clients.

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