First 10 New Clients Save 10% on first clean

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Domestic Cleaning Services Sutton - 40% Off Discount

Domestic Cleaning Services Sutton - 40% Off Discount

Domestic Cleaning Services Sutton - 40% Off Discount

Have your home professionally cleaned with a HUGE 40% OFF DISCOUNT!

"Be the Star of Our Cleaning Training Videos & Enjoy 40% Off Your Cleaning!"

🏡 Your Home, Our Training Ground! 🏡

At Done & Dusted, we're all about excellence in cleaning. We're excited to invite our wonderful clients to take center stage in our cleaning training videos! Here's your chance to have your home featured and receive a fantastic 40% discount on our cleaning services.

Get Your Home Cleaned By Professional Cleaning Experts

If you are happy to invite us into your home, we will record photos and videos of our expert cleaners cleaning your home.

We then use the videos to train new staff, as well as continuous development for our current staff.

Protecting Your Privacy

If you're concerned about sharing images of your home, don't be. 

We are professional, discreet and confidential.

This means we won't include any photos or personal belongings that identifies you in the videos or photos, that you would not want us to show.

We do ask permission to use the videos/images as part of our social media promotional material.

Cleaning Your Home - What Happens On The Day

We capture our skilled cleaning technicians in action and turn the footage into valuable training material for our staff.

Your home might also feature in Done & Dusted's promotional videos and photos.

This is a unique opportunity to not only benefit from exceptional cleaning, but also to contribute to the growth and expertise of our cleaning team.

To Take Part

For more information or to take advantage of this HUGE 40% DISCOUNT contact us at [email protected]

**Terms & Conditions**

Deposits are required at the time of booking. Limited availability, so act fast to secure your spot. 

The 40% discount applies to the cleaning service.

Ready to make your home a star? Contact us to learn more about this offer and book your slot. 

Join us in raising the bar for exceptional cleaning and showcasing your beautiful Sutton home in the process!

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Are you as passionate about cleaning? Do you take pride in your work, knowing that a client feels satisfied and happy, after you've cleaned their home? Are you ready to take your skills to a new level? 

Then come and join Done and Dusted and be a part of a growing business!

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