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Pre Christmas Cleaning Sutton - 10% Off Your First Clean

Pre Christmas Cleaning Sutton - 10% Off Your First Clean

Pre Christmas Cleaning Sutton - 10% Off Your First Clean

Pre Christmas Cleaning - Sutton

Get 10% of your first clean! Terms and conditions apply. 50% deposit is required to book 48 hours before the clean.

4 Reasons to Choose Done & Dusted for Your Christmas Cleaning Needs

Christmas is right around the corner, and it's time to start preparing your home ready for the festivities.  

If you are home for the festive season, Done & Dusted, understand the challenges of preparing everything for Christmas, from decorating your home to cooking a perfect turkey.  

That's why we're here to make your holiday season even more enjoyable with our professional cleaning services. Here are four reasons why you should choose Done & Dusted for your Christmas cleaning needs:

1. Enjoy a Stress-Free Season of Joy

December can be one of the busiest times of the year, filled with social gatherings, work commitments, and family events. The last thing you want to worry about is cleaning your home for Christmas.  

Instead of juggling multiple tasks, why not hire a professional cleaner to help?

Even for a one-off Christmas deep clean, our cleaning services will allow you to focus on other essential holiday preparations. You can enjoy Christmas without wondering if your home is clean enough.  

By entrusting your Christmas cleaning to us, you'll have the peace of mind that your home will be spotless, sparkling, and ready for the festivities.

Take care of your well-being this Christmas and treat yourself or a loved one to a professional Christmas clean with Done & Dusted.

2. Impress Your Guests

Christmas is a time when everyone wants their home to shine. While it's not a competition, it's natural to want the cleanest house and the most beautiful Christmas decorations to impress your visitors.  

However, finding the time to do it all can be a challenge. That's where Done & Dusted comes in.  

Our professional cleaners will take care of your Christmas cleaning, allowing you to focus on the fun part—decorating! We'll thoroughly clean your home, including busy areas like the kitchen and guest bedrooms. The best part? No one needs to know you've hired a professional cleaner; it's smart, not cheating!

Your oven will likely see much action during the holiday season as you prepare delicious festive meals. But if it's covered in grime and grease, it's time for a clean.  

Cleaning ovens isn't a favourite task for most people; surveys show it's one of the most disliked cleaning chores. Why waste your time on a job you despise when you can outsource it to Done & Dusted? Consider it a Christmas present to yourself.  

We offer oven cleaning as a stand-alone or an add-on for regular domestic and deep/one-off services. Give your oven the TLC it deserves without the hassle.

4. Spend Quality Time with Your Family

The gift of time is the most important reason to choose Done & Dusted for your Christmas cleaning. Instead of being tied down with cleaning chores, you can create cherished memories with your family.  

While a clean house at Christmas is lovely, it's not the most important thing you'll remember. You won't look back and wish you had cleaned more; you'll treasure the beautiful moments you shared with loved ones.

You can focus on enjoying quality time with your family and leave the cleaning to us. A cleaner home is a bonus, but the memories you make are what truly matter.

Cleaners as Christmas Gifts

Consider gifting someone a cleaner this Christmas. It may sound unconventional, but it's a thoughtful gesture, especially for those who struggle to clean due to age, disability, busy work schedules, or childcare responsibilities.  

A professional cleaner can make a world of difference in their lives, and it is a thoughtful gift that will allow them to get on with other things or enjoy other Christmas gifts.

Post-Christmas Clean Up

After the festivities are over, your house might need another thorough cleaning. Consider it a late Christmas present to yourself, and we often run offers on double deep clean bookings helping you look after the house, the pennies and your sanity. Start the New Year with a fresh, clean home.

How to Book a Christmas Clean

Are you interested in getting help with your Christmas cleaning? Now is the time to book.  

The holiday season is busy, with regular clients requesting extra cleans and returning clients scheduling their bi-annual deep cleans. To secure your spot, you can book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if you don't mind.  

Booking with Done & Dusted is easy. You can visit our online booking page and select your requirements; it will take a few minutes. We'll review your request and email you a free, no-obligation quote. If you want to speak with a human, please call us at 0203 5611 404. We'll discuss your needs and find the best time to clean your home to ensure you're satisfied.

At Done & Dusted, we're committed to making your Christmas cleaning as easy as possible so you can fully immerse yourself in the festivities and enjoy this magical holiday.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Before we go, we wish our clients and followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2023 has been an exciting and positive year for Done & Dusted, and we look forward to what 2024 has in store. We appreciate every one of our clients and thank you for supporting our small business—best wishes from Lou and the Done & Dusted team.

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