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Understanding Detergents, Degreasers, Abrasives, and Acids

Understanding Detergents, Degreasers, Abrasives, and Acids

Understanding Detergents, Degreasers, Abrasives, and Acids

Are you curious about the science behind natural cleaning products and how to effectively use them for eco-friendly cleaning? Look no further than Clean Science. In this article, we delve into the four types of cleaning agents - detergents, degreasers, abrasives, and acids - and their specific purposes.

Detergents are synthetic, water-soluble, or liquid organic preparations that emulsify oils and act as wetting agents. They are versatile cleaners that come in different forms but require water to work effectively. Use mild detergents to maintain a clean environment, but avoid using them on hardwood floors, leather, silk, cast iron frying pans, and mirrored surfaces.

Degreasers, on the other hand, are alkaline solutions used to remove organic soils like fats, oils, and proteins. The degree of alkalinity depends on the level of grime, with oven cleaners being highly alkaline. Mild degreasers are perfect for kitchen, garage, and laundry room surfaces, but never mix them with bleach, acids, caustics, or ammonia.

When dealing with heavy soil in a small area, use abrasives in powder, liquid, or scouring pad form. The abrasive action is provided by physical, mineral, or chemical force, with the degree of abrasiveness varying based on the size of the particles used.

Lastly, acids are cleaning solutions with a pH of six or lower that help break down difficult stains like soap scum, rust, and mineral deposits. Mild acids like vinegar and lemon juice are ideal for smaller messes and a variety of surfaces, while harsher acids require caution and protective gear. Never leave acidic cleaners on surfaces longer than advised in the directions to avoid damage.

By understanding the specific purposes of each cleaning agent, you can optimise your cleaning routine for optimal results. Use this guide to clean smarter, not harder, and make eco-cleaning a breeze. Follow Clean Science for more tips and tricks on eco-friendly cleaning.

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